How Many Press Releases Should a Business Send Out?

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When does my business send out a press communication?

So, to begin, how many press releases should a business send out to the media? First, the press release must always be newsworthy. Further, the number of press releases to send out depends on what content or news it constitutes.

If it’s real news, then it should be sent out to the media. Like news stories, press releases should contain news relevant to your target audience to be picked up by media outlets. Don’t forget journalists, major niche-bloggers, and other media outlets are also part of your audience.

Therefore, a press release can be sent to the media under but not limited to, the following circumstances:

  • When there is a merger or acquisition
  • When launching a new product
  • When expanding your company to overseas or another factory
  • When issuing Quarterly Financial Results.
  • When there is Stock Split
  • Where there is more than 20 job openings or new hires at once
  • When there is a new or significant client in the company, but not more than once in a month
  • When the company receives an award
  • When there are substantial changes in the existing products or services
  • When there are important events such as news conference, anniversary, charity event, or career talk
  • When the company wins a significant contract

However, before sending out a press release for your business, always ensure it is relevant and valuable to the world and not just your business alone. One press release in a month is reasonable, or one every week is good enough, but only if you have news for your audience or something essential to inform them about.

It’s necessary that as you strive to create awareness of your business, but be sure you don’t make the media think that you are spam. Sometimes sending excess of press releases could have you and your business blacklisted. This happens if you frequently send press releases regularly, especially to outlets you’ve submitted to before.

In contrast, it takes a lot of patience and tenacity to have your press release picked up by the media. If you don’t submit press releases, your business will never get noticed. How then can you balance between these two situations? Knowing what your company stands for, and how things run throughout the year will help you understand how many news releases your business should send out to the media for distribution.

How big is your press release? If your press release has the capability and perspective of changing the world, then it’s worth sending to the media more frequent. However, if it’s only important to your business or company, it would be wise to hold it all together.

Time is the greatest asset for the media personnel and reporters in specific. Once they feel you are tapping too much of their time, any potential deals could break. It would be best if you checked out the particular requirements of various distribution outlets before you begin sending tons of press releases.

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