Press Releases for Local Business and Their Purpose

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Why a press release for a local small business? Arent I too small?

If you are thinking about writing a press release for your local business, first, think about something newsworthy and extraordinarily exciting. Some of the best press release topics for a small business would be about significant changes in products or services offered, changes in staffing or management, annual reports, major events or announcement of awards among others.

The more relevant and newsworthy you make your business, the more media attention you grab, and the more relevant you become to both existing and potential consumers. Let’s hop into some essential elements of writing a press release for local businesses and their purpose.

While advertisement cannot buy credibility, press releases effectively serve this purpose. A good media release should be unique, grab the media attention, create awareness, and reach out to the customers. Further, it earns your business positive visibility and publicity. Instead of spending on an advertisement, a successful newsworthy story about your business would result in free publicity, thus raising both business and customer levels.

The Power of Press Releases

A press release is a vital communication instrument you should take advantage of to improve its image of your business and drive interest in what they have to offer. Today, search engines are dominated by news and plenty of media releases making them useful and direct tools for communicating with the consumer.

However, a press release not only helps to disseminate valuable information to the media and customers but also creates a prospect to attract incoming links. Every business has the potential of making news, but only the journalists and media outlets can distribute the news. This is why it makes a lot of sense and relevance to send out press releases. If you do this the right way, the odds are likely to work in your favour as well as your business.

How it Works for your Business

First, identify a newsworthy event to share about your business, for instance, new product launch or a new partnership. Write a compelling media release about your topic while adhering to the right format and structure then send it out to relevant media outlets. If your copy gets noticed, it will then be published and distributed, and in no time your business starts to boom.

The topic you chose to write a copy about should be relevant to your targeted customers and journalists to be considered newsworthy. All press release feature specific structural elements and order. These elements include date, title, subtitle, the lead paragraph, body, boilerplate, contact information, and the end.

Press releases sell your small business both locally and nationally, thus giving it significant exposure to a broader consumer base. Additionally, when the journalists contact you for more info about the press release, you may get featured in TV or get featured in news or feature articles. A well-written press release shapes the identity of your business and keeps it in the local awareness.

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