Times When You Need To Send Out a Press Release

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Sometimes it is critical to send out a press release, other times it may be ill advised 😮

The purpose of a press release distinguishes it from paid advertisements. Generally, press releases contain valuable information distributed to media outlets to reach the public. When you want to share exciting about your business with the public, a press release would be the most effective way to get media coverage. Let’s see what the right times when you need to send out a press release is.

Press releases are newsworthy statements written to communicate specific but precise information about an incident, occasion, or state of affairs. They are linked to businesses or companies and disseminated through numerous channels to the media. It’s therefore essential to write a catchy and influential press release to get the attention of the media and reach your target audiences, but don’t expect that the press will pick up your press release at once and run it.

  • During new products or services launch: If your business or company is planning to introduce a new line of products and services, spreading the word around to the media, existing and potential customers and investors will do you much good. A press release will be the best way to announce the launch and ensure it circulates through several channels.
  • When there is an upcoming business event: It’s always important to inform your consumers of future business events and even ask for their participation in one way or another. Nevertheless, we often wonder when such times come and know not how to reach out to the people. Write an appealing press release and send it out to the media in good time. Not too early because people might not remember, and not too late because they may be already committed to other things. 2-3 weeks in advance is perfect timing to send out a press release.
  • When you want to boost sales and conversion: Did you know a press release could be the marketing tool your business needs to drive traffic to your website and ultimately increase conversion rates? Provided this is done correctly press releases can help boost sales. For one, they feature in google news, give backlinks, bring traffic and increase conversions, and creates credibility.
  • When hiring/firing key staff: For large companies, writing a press release would also be purposeful when a new significant staff member(s) just got hired or dropped off his/her position. Established businesses which have several branches will need to make a press statement of any significant changes in their staffing, and the best way to go about is distributing a press release.
  • When making new business partnerships: When a company or business wins a new contract, get into partnership deals with some top companies, it is always newsworthy to tell. Every business will want media coverage to announce the latest hot deals, or partnerships and generally to make their success known to the world.

Only newsworthy press releases will get noticed and picked by the media. A press release is only newsworthy if it happened recently, it’s of human interest, and answers all the significant questions of a news story (what, when, where, why, who and how).

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